Monday, January 20, 2020

Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County

Are you looking for Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ? Precision Hardwood Flooring has been providing Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ for many years with attention to details and great customer care.

Why wood floor sanding is necessary

A lot of homeowners tend to ignore wood floor sanding, but that’s wrong. Sanding is both practical and necessary, and apart from improving the efficiency of your flooring, it can go a long way in boosting its aesthetic appeal as well.

Here are some of its biggest benefits:

Sanding rejuvenates the floor

If you’ve been using your floors for a while, they begin to show aging. More scratches will reduce the stain on your floor, and this can reduce their beauty.

Sanding is a great solution for this. It makes the floor look smoother, and can bolster the look of the floors on a general level.

Sanding boosts natural lighting

Natural lighting is an important part of the beauty of your home. If you ever want to improve it, then consider sanding your hardwood floors.

A wood floor that has been recently sanded serves as a great surface for light to bounce off. It improves your illumination, thus making the floors look much more appealing. Better lighting could also help to improve your energy efficiency. You reduce the need to turn lights on, and your utility bills could reduce as a result of that

Sanding is a great renovation choice

If you’re planning on getting a restaining service, then sanding is an important task that should be performed as well. The prospect of the stain being applied evenly will rely significantly on the smoothness of the floors.

Also, if you want to give your room a face lift or you want to enhance the look of the floors after a while, sanding is definitely something you should consider. Sanding will boost the appearance of your floors, thus providing a great aesthetic appeal.

It reduces scratches

Even with constant caution, you will find that your hardwood floor is subject to the occasional dent, scratch, or crack. Over the years, this damage can add up and take away from the appearance of your floors. Floor sanding and polishing increase the life of your timber floors and make them last for long.

It’s great for protection against water damage

Hardwood floor sanding will also help to protect the floor by reducing the incidence of moisture in the cracks. This means that issues such as mildew and mold are reduced.

Sweep Less

When you find that you have a lot of grooves on your hardwood floor, you will need to be ready for dust. An increase in the appearance of dust means you’ll need to do more sweeping as well. If you just get a hardwood floor sanding, these grooves are sanded out, and you reduce the amount of time you need to sweep.

Less stress indeed. Of course, you need to get a proper sanding service close to you. If you stay in Bergen County, feel free to ask for the company with the best wood floor sanding in Bergen County NJ and give them a call.

For more information about Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ, give us a call at: 201-818-4040.

Precision Hardwood Flooring - Your trusted provider for Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY

Are you looking for Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY? Precision Hardwood Flooring provides Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY with years of experience and great customer care.

Hardwood flooring seems to charm everyone out there with its beauty and smooth perfection. Most of the customers that we have talked to are fascinated by the overall look that this wooden flooring grant to their house. Not just that, but the sense of warmth and welcome that these floors offer to their residents is what makes them such a popular choice amongst people.

But even though people seem to be such a big fan of these floors, we have discovered that they are usually confused when it comes to choosing the right kind of flooring for their homes. And that is usually because they do not know what questions to ask. So, in this article, we will talk about the main themes that can aid you in determining the right kind of hardwood flooring for your residence. Come, let’s start!

What to ask?

When choosing the hardwood flooring for your residence the key points that you should keep in mind are-

  • Solid or engineered
  • Solid floors can be sanded down repetitively and hence can ‘made new’ for about 10 to 12 times in a lifetime. So if you have kids and pets at home and you believe that your floor will be dented, stained or scratched on a regular basis, then go for solid wood.

  • Different species of hardwood

  • There are about 20 different species of domestic hardwood flooring, the top choices amongst them include Red Oak, White Oak, Ask, Cherry, Black Walnut, Hickory, Birch, Maple, etc. Now each of these species has its own benefits, strengths, and weaknesses. So, analyze all these aspects before making a final choice.

  • Durability

  • While figuring out the right kind of wood species consider its durability. Now while analyzing the durability of the wood consider if you have pets or kids in the house, do you host weekly gatherings at your place? If yes, then you want a hard hardwood.

  • Cost

  • Cost is another important aspect to consider when you are making your decision. Now wood floors, in general, are a bit pricey. But you can still fit it in your budget. How? Well choose a type of wood species that is less costly like the Maple and White Oak the hardwoods, and keep your labor costs at a minimum.

  • Style

  • Consider your personal style and your lifestyle while deciding on the hardwood flooring. For a smaller space choose soothing with a lighter shade while for a classic look go for dark floors.

    Now if you have your heart and mindset on the hardwood flooring then contact us at Precision Hardwood Flooring for professional advice and best deals!

    For more information about Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY contact Precision Hardwood Flooring at 845-369-8814

    Precision Hardwood Flooring - Your trusted provider for Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY.

    Monday, December 30, 2019

    Wood Floor Estimate in Rockland County, NY

    Are you looking for Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY? Precision Hardwood Flooring provides Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY with years of experience and great customer care.

    Wooden floors never seem to go out of trend. They are like those evergreen songs whose rhythm never fades. And that is particularly why even in the twenty-first century where we seem to have an unending list of options when it comes to flooring designs like marble or ceramic tiles, we still seem to have our heart always swinging towards hardwood floors
    But just like the fact that hardwood floors are a charmer, it is also true that these hardwood floors can burn a hole in your pockets. In easy words, wooden floors are a little bit pricey and hence it is always a good idea to have an estimate of their prices. So, come let’s do some research.

    Estimate costs

    Now installing hardwood floors in your space can cost you somewhere between $2500 and $6736 depending upon the decisions you make. The average costs fall somewhere between $6 and $22 per square foot. In this, wood floors generally cost you $3 and $5 per square foot for materials and about $4 and $8 per square foot for the labor.

    The factors in terms of the type of wood and the cost of labor affect your total costing like this-

  • Soft-

  • For softwood like Pine, it usually costs $3 to $6 per square foot flooring while $3 to $5 per square foot for installation.

  • Mid-

  • For the mid-variety that cover options like American cherry and Oak, the costs fall $5 to $10 per square foot for materials while the cost of installing it lies somewhere between $4 to $8 square foot for installation.

  • High-
  • The exotic woods like Brazilian walnut, Mahogany and Cypress cost $8 to $14 per square foot on average while the installation costs estimate somewhere around $4 to $8 per square foot.

    In order to keep these costs under your budget here are some tips-

  • Once you are decided upon the hardwood type and color, you need to visit the local retail shops, check-out the discount flooring stores and check the prices online. This way you can find the best prices.

  • Disposing of old furniture or moving furniture to other rooms increases your labor costs. Try to cut these costs by doing this on your own.

  • Now that you have got a basic idea about the wood floor estimates, in case you need any pro help or ideas feel free to contact us at any moment!

    For more information about Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY contact Precision Hardwood Flooring at 845-369-8814

    Precision Hardwood Flooring - Your trusted provider for Wood Floors in Rockland County, NY.

    Friday, December 20, 2019

    Hardwood Floor Sanding In Bergen County, NJ

    Are you looking for Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ? Precision Hardwood Flooring has been providing Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ for many years with attention to details and great customer care.

    Hardwood floors have constantly been a favorite amongst people. The smooth finish and the classy look that this flooring offers to your house are unmatched. It is like you have stepped into an episode of some 1900s TV show. And on top of the stylized look, add to the mix the long life that this kind of flooring offers, I mean it is known to last a lifetime! And the best part, you can renew the hardwood flooring as it ages in case it gets scratched and dull to make it appear new!

    Wanna know how it can be done? By hardwood floor sanding. Come let’s discuss this in a little more detail.

    What is hardwood floor sanding?

    Now hardwood floor sanding in easy and simple terms can be understood to mean the process of removing the top surface of the wooden floor by sanding it with abrasive materials. Doing this can add years to the life of your hardwood flooring as sanding aids you in getting rid of the stubborn and unsightly stains and also helps in dealing with the normal wear and tear.

    Now a normal hardwood floor can undergo 10 to 12 times of complete sanding during its lifetime. So even if you choose to constantly re-sand your floor in say every 5 years, you still get 60 years of life! Amazing, isn’t it?

    Advantages of sanding the hardwood floor?

    Here are some reasons as to why you should encourage hardwood floor sanding-

  • Beauty

  • Sanding can make even the oldest and grittiest of the floors appear new and fresh. It adds shine and luster to your floor and removes stains and marks. And when your floor appears new, automatically your whole place starts appearing beautiful and fresh.

  • Strength

  • Sanding evens out the floor so it’s level. Moreover, it also closes any open spaces between planks of woods and removes wood splits. This increases the durability of the floor and makes it more strong.

  • Safety
  • Sanding ensures that the floor is all smooth and it reduces the likelihood of it cracking and developing sprints. This reduces any chances of injury in the case when you are walking barefoot on the floor.


  • Pest control

  • If your hardwood floor is well-sanded it will eliminate small crevices or holes where the pests like to breed. Hence, no worrying over pests and termites.

    So, these are some of the benefits of sanding hardwood floors. So if you also want to re-sand your floor then contact us at the earliest and we will happy to assist you!

    For more information about Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ, give us a call at: 201-818-4040.

    Precision Hardwood Flooring - Your trusted provider for Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ.

    Tuesday, December 10, 2019

    Wood Floors Estimate in Rockland County, NY

    Precision Hardwood Flooring is here to answer your questions and help you out with a free hardwood floor estimate in Rockland County, NY.

    Wood Floor Estimate

    Hardwood floor installation is no easy feat. Apart from the fact that it could take time, there is also the financial commitment that you will need to make.
    To help save you as much as possible, remember the following tips:

    Refinish instead of replace

    If you have a hardwood floor that has begun to wear out, then it might be in your best interests to refinish it. Apart from being the cheapest option available, it also works for people who know that they will prefer the refinished look after some sanding and coating has been applied.
    So, for a great way to drag down your hardwood floor estimate, you could consider just getting a refinishing service as opposed to a complete replacement. Keep in mind that this is objective, so you know how best it works for you. Solid hardwood can be refinished a few times over, but you have more of a restriction with engineered wood.

    Be conscious of price differences

    When it comes time to get a hardwood floor, a lot of homeowners just choose to shop by considering how well it looks. They consider the shade and color that look the best, and they make their choices based on that.
    However, if you want to drag the hardwood floor estimate down, you need to also shop with price in mind as well. Pretty much all of the hardwood flooring species have their cost estimates, so look at how much you can comfortably afford.

    Factor the grain into your choice

    The hardwood cost estimate is also affected by the appearance of the wood’s grain. The “plain-sawn” cut wood appearance is usually the least expensive, but there are a lot of other options available to you as well.

    Select the grade

    Wood flooring options are usually graded based on their physical appearance. Planks are seen as “clear” if their colors are uniform and they don’t have any knots. Also, a “select” grade is given to the natural look. A wood that is graded “No. 1 common” has more knots and color variations. Then, the “No. 2 common” has a more rustic appearance than the “No. 1 common.”

    Engineered or SOLID?

    Now that you have the perfect look figured out, you will need to choose between getting solid wood or engineered hardwood.
    Solid wood looks and feels just like its name— the board is cut directly from the tree, and it has that original feeling. Engineered hardwood comes with a veneer of hardwood, which stands on top of several plywood layers. The biggest advantage of engineered hardwood is the fact that it can hold its own against moisture, and this makes it great for areas such as basements and bathrooms.
    Solid and engineered hardwood come with varying qualities, so you need to be careful in your consideration as regards hardwood cost estimates.

    Take the old flooring out yourself

    A lot of hardwood flooring contractors will charge you to take out the old floors and throw it out. So, if you want to keep cost estimates down, you could just get that done on your own.

    To learn more about your options for hardwood flooring, call Precision Hardwood Floors at (845) 369-8814 for a free hardwood floor estimate in Rockland County, NY.

    Monday, December 2, 2019

    Wood Floor Installation in Bergen County, NJ

    Wood Floor Installers

    Dealing with furniture while installing new hardwood floors

    When it comes time to get new flooring installed, there is a lot to consider. Furniture is definitely not last on that priority rundown.
    A lot of hardwood floor installers will tell you that you need to take your belongings and furniture out of the way before you have any new flooring fixed into the house. However, what you want to do with the furniture itself will depend on a few factors. To get a proper strategy, some questions will need to be asked:

    What is the size of the flooring project?

    Are you planning to get new flooring in a single room, or is the project going to cover the entirety of the house? It is one thing if you simply need to shift some kitchen utensils and chairs into another room. However, if you have to move every piece of furniture in your home, that is a whole different thing.

    What is the time frame?

    Hardwood floor installers usually take varying duration to get jobs done, so you need to consider this as well. If you are running on a tight schedule and you will need move the furniture out quickly, things might change.

    What is the size of your home?

    If you have some spare rooms and perhaps even a garage, then you could have some ample space to easily put the furniture in. The reverse is the case if you live in, say, a studio apartment.

    Do you have a moving budget?

    When it comes to moving furniture, you will find that a lot of work needs to be done. Some hardwood floor installers might help out, but if you can afford to pay a furniture moving service, then it would be better for everyone involved.
    Again, keep in mind that some hardwood floor installers actually offer furniture moving as a side service. In the event that you need this, you could ask a prospective company if they offer the service as well.
    Now that you have these questions answered, here are some strategies that can help you deal with moving furniture while hardwood floor installers do their magic

    Musical chairs

    Essentially, it involves moving furniture from a room to another while the floor is being installed. The work is strenuous, especially if you are putting floors in multiple rooms. However, it doesn’t cost anything, so you can consider it.

    Shed storage

    You can only consider this option if you actually have some outdoor storage space. A garage or shed can be a great way to temporarily store your furniture, but you will need to ensure that it is waterproof, so you can deal with unexpected rain.

    Short term storage

    You could also rent out a storage unit to keep your furniture. It costs more, but it definitely takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. Rented storage has the advantage of being safe, and you also get a lot of convenience and peace of mind. You could also hire someone to help you move.
    Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC. provides

    hardwood floor installation in Bergen County, NJ

    for the following towns:

    Monday, November 18, 2019

    Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ

    Wood Floor Sanding

    Are you looking for Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ? Precision Hardwood Flooring has been providing Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ for many years with attention to details and great customer care.

    Your floor is one of the most important aspects of any room. Floors can easily make or break the physical appearance of any room, and their significance means that you also need to take special care of them.
    With that being said, here are some reasons why wood floor sanding is usually recommended by a lot of professionals:

    Making your floor look fresher

    If your wooden floor is much older, then it is possible for a wood floor sanding service to give it a newer, more refined look. The truth is that when floors stay in a house for a long time, they begin to show signs of deformity and age. The wood stain can start to fade off, and scratches will eventually leave marks.
    So, wood floor sanding is a great way to ensure that your old floors look as good as new once more. Sanding can give your floor a smoother aesthetic, while also providing a more attractive and sleeker look.

    Sanding can boost home lighting

    If you want to get more natural lighting in your home, then a wood floor sanding just might be your best bet. When you sand your wood floor, you will find that the floor becomes really good with bouncing light from bulbs and other sources. This leads to much better lighting.
    The perfect lighting can improve the aesthetic appeal of your house to a great deal, while also giving you a break on your energy bills. Instead of having to turn the lights on ay every point, natural light gives you all the sight you need.

    You can add varnish and a new stain

    If you plan to restain your wood floors, then wood floor sanding could potentially help you to get this done more effectively. Applying the stain more evenly will provide a smoother service on which you can apply the stain.
    So, if you will like to change the appearance of your room, or you just want to make your floors look much better than they do now, you should definitely begin with wood floor sanding before you stain it.

    Less sweeping

    If there is one thing that hardwood floors are known for, it is an abundance of grooves. When grooves become too abundant, they begin to collect more dust than you need, and it leaves you with the need to sweet floors much more often. However, when you sand the grooves, you can reduce the amount of time that you would spend on a daily basis on cleaning.
    When you begin to notice that your hardwood floors are getting way dirtier, it might be time for some wood floor sanding. The sanding will help you get rid of any grooves, thus giving you a clean and smooth look for your floors.
    Freshly sanded wooden floors are undoubtedly a pretty sight. Proper sanding leads to a smoother and more visually appealing floor, and a lot of floor specialists will recommend a wood floor sanding to be done as soon as you begin to notice some irregularities with your wood floor.
    For more information about Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ, call Precision Hardwood Flooring at: 201-818-4040.
    Precision Hardwood Flooring - Your trusted provider for Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ.