Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ

A wood floor adds a lot of beauty to your home! Whether your entire space or just a few rooms have wood flooring, it adds a warm, dignified look to any area. Wood floors are very tough and avoid the breakage you get with tile.  However, even with the strength and aesthetically pleasing look of wood, it can accumulate stains dirt and grime over time. Luckily, wood floors can be refinished with a process called sanding. Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ involves removing the top layer of the floor and covering it with 2-3 layers of a polyurethane finish. This renders your wood floors as good as new, without replacing them.
Let’s review the reasons it is important to hire a professional for wood floor sanding.

The Preparation Process is Very Tedious

Preparing your wood floors for sanding takes a lot of time and attention. All nails sticking out of the floor, need to be hammered back in place. Any staples and tacks from previous sanding jobs must be removed as well, as to not damage the sanding machine. Any small openings or cracks in the wood should be papered over to make sure the sanding is done smoothly. It is best to leave this preparation to professionals as they know what to look for when preparing the floors and how to correct whatever they may find. 

Technical experience

Sanding can be done with many different machines. Doing it yourself, would entail learning how to use these machines properly, before sanding your floors. You could make mistakes and extensively damage your wood floors. Professionals know the machines and technologies needed and are trained and experienced to do the job right. Wood floor sanding in Bergen County, NJ is not a job you want to try alone.


Sanding is a very time-consuming process. Depending on the size of your floor, it could take you days to finish. This takes your time away from other projects that need to get done. Professional wood floor sanders will save you time with their expertise and knowledge, as they quickly complete everything needed so you can enjoy your newly sanded wood floors. Finding a company that offers professional, prompt and clean wood floor sanding in Bergen County, NJ will save you time and headaches, which allows you more time to enjoy your newly sanded wood floors!