Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wood Floors Rockland County, NY

If you settle for wooden floors, there are many more decisions that you must make on the wooden floor. Not all wood floors are created equal. Several factors influence both aesthetics and performance of your wooden floor. Today we at Precision Wood Floors would like to discuss our wood floors in Rockland county, NY. The list below gives you some differences that you may want to pursue when selecting wood for your floor. 

Wood Floors Rockland County, NY
Engineered wood versus solid wood 
In the past, hardwood flooring involved laying of thick wooden planks made of solid timber. However, with time, companies have come up with engineered wood flooring. Engineered flooring is made of a thin top layer of hardwood, which is then bonded, with other layers to prevent the wood from moving about when it expands and contracts. The common types of movements include longitudinal, radial, and tangential movement. Engineered wood provides opposing forces within the planks to counter these movements. 

If you are seeking to install wood floors on subfloors and basements, consider engineered wood as it is thin and can be ground directly to the subsurface. On the other hand, solid wood floors can be sanded in future should you want to renovate it. 

Site finished or prefinished wood 
You can buy planks with a raw face and have the contractor finish them on site after installation or decide to buy the already finished planks with a topcoat already applied. 

Prefinished wood is easier to install and takes a short while to complete your floor. The quality of the site-finished wood depends on the skill level of the contractor. However, it also offers you a chance to customize the wooden floor as you see fit.  

Polyurethane finish or oil finish 
Wood Floors in Rockland County NY
There are many, many possible finishing products from oil hybrids, penetrating oil, prefinished, UV cured urethane finish and site finish polyurethanes. However, these types are divided into polyurethane and oil categories. 

Oil is able to penetrate the wood and create a matte, soft and natural look. However, it is not as good as polyurethane in dealing with stains. Polyurethane does not wear or tear easily and protects wood from common food and ink stains. 

Oil is also easily scratched. However, the scratches are less noticeable than polyurethane. You can touch up the oil floor spot by spot whenever you find a scratch or a stain. However, for polyurethane floors, you have to have the entire board floor buffed when dealing with stains and scratches. 

Choose options that favor your situation better and ensures that the wooden floor lasts long in good shape. But whatever you choose, we at Precision Wood Floors can install brand new wood floors in Rockland county NY for you. 

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