Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wood Floor Refinishing in Rockland County, NY

On today's blog we at Precision Hardwood Flooring want to discuss various tips for wood floor refinishing in Rockland county, NY.

Examine the floor
Check for gaps between the floor planks. If they are widening and the nails that hold the floor down are visible, you will have to fix it without going any further. Check exactly how damaged your floor is and mend it if it is still repairable.

Make sure you empty most of the room
To cover the entire area of the floor, it is advisable that you completely remove the furniture from the particular room. You want the room to be spacious while the refinishing is going on and it helps to make sure that you have not left out any part of the floor. Even if you couldn’t move all of your stuff out, it is not a problem, divide the floor in two halves and keep one vacant at a time. Before you begin with refinishing, do clean the floor thoroughly (a vacuum cleaner will do).

If you are thinking of sanding the floor yourself, go for DIY friendly sanding equipment as you don't require a lot of experience to use them. However, they take a lot of time as compared to drum sanders which is why it is advisable to always hire a professional to sand your floors. Professionals know their job and they would finish it in a comparatively lesser time and you don't have to worry about equipment.

Research, before you hire the company
Since refinishing your floor is not an easy task and you cannot just have it done again if it goes wrong, you have to hire a company that has a good reputation and is known for their work. Go online and go through a couple of websites, read reviews and talk to them in case of doubts. At Precision Hardwood Flooring will be at your service anytime; we are happy to help with any questions you might have, all you have to do is call.

Stay at another place during the job
It is advisable to stay somewhere else during the entire process of refinishing because of certain reasons that could disturb your schedule. The equipment used in refinishing floors is noisy. Furniture will have to be moved from room to room or out of the house entirely. There will be lots of fine dust, no matter how well an area is sealed off. The stain is often applied in two coats, which is time-consuming and forbid you to walk over the floor at that time, even though most floors can be used within 24 hours of sealing, it takes weeks for the treatment to cure fully. Also, stain creates a strong odor. When the stain is fully dry, three or more layers of polyurethane coating are applied which also has a really strong odor and can remain in the air for several days. 

Maintain your floor regularly
Once the floor is finished, it is then yours to maintain. Although refinishing lasts a long time but you can do your bit to make it last even longer. Keep the floor clean, take care of the scratches and dents from time to time. Polish the floor when you get time and it will look as good as new.

If you have any questions about wood floor refinishing in Rockland county, NY please call us today at 845-369-8814. A wood floor expert at Precision Hardwood Floors will be happy to help you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Deck Sanding Rockland County, NY

After some time, you would notice the fibers of the wood that makes your deck raised. They create a rough fuzzy layer on the top of the decking surface. When the fuzzy layer dries out, it leads to splinters. The splitters soon come out of the surface, can cause injuries, and expose the wood to damage by weather changes. 

It is important to have the surface sanded as soon as the fuzzy layer appears. Most of the people that go DIY damage the surface of the deck due to a number of things. For deck sanding in Rockland county, NY you should really call the professionals.
Deck Sanding Rockland County, NY 
First, they fail to use a proper grit sanding paper. Most of other people grit sanding papers that are coarser than 150 thereby damaging the wood. Others working with grit papers that are less than 60 do not get good results. However, we at Precision Hardwood Flooring have the right equipment for sanding that includes the orbital sander and the sanding sponge. 

The contractor usually starts from one edge of the deck and works the way to the other edge of the wood. This ensures consistency in the depth of the sanding. The outer edges of the deck board should also be sanded. Sanding the outer edges ensures that there is an even stain absorption thereby leading to a better result by the end of the day.

The wooden handrails should also be sanded. Your family and guests hold the handrails severally when on your deck. Sanding ensures that there are no splinters on the rails that might injure them. Sanding handrails also absorb the stain better thereby keeping the wood in good condition for long. After the sanding is done, the wood is then stained and sealed to ensure that the elements of weather do not damage the wood. It also ensures that your deck retains a good color.

During the sanding process, the contractor also checks for the signs of rot or loose railings on your deck. Wood that is affected by dry rot is usually spongy and discolored. It also flakes when hit gently with a hard item. The contractor can advise on how to repair these problems as he does the sanding. Sanding and treatment of the wooden deck should be done as soon as you notice some damage on the decking wood. The earlier you treat the wood, the longer the wood rains in great condition and looks good. Maintenance is also cheaper than having to replace the wood from time to time.

For more information about our deck sanding in Rockland county, NY, please call us today at 845-369-8814. One of our sanding professionals at Precision Hardwood Floors will be happy to speak to you. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County, NY

Today, we would like to go into detail what to expect when you hire us for wood floor sanding in Rocklandcounty NY.

Before you have workers from Precision Hardwood Floors come into your home, we highly recommend having everything from the room you will have sanded removed. After emptying, make sure you clean the floor thoroughly (a vacuum cleaner will do). Once you have taken everything out of the room and cleaned you are all set but if you couldn’t move everything out, don’t worry, you have the option of sanding the floor in two halves if you cannot move some of the larger furniture pieces out of the room.

The Sanding Process
Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County, NY 
Drum sander is a machine that sands your floor. While many people opt to use ones they can find in hardware stores, and do the job themselves, they don’t realize conventional sanders blow dust everywhere. This may not seem like a big deal but it can take hours to thoroughly clean out the dust and the dust in the air will be harmful for those with sensitive immune systems and asthma.

Our sanders, are not conventional sanders. We have advanced drum sanders with special hoses and filters so that dust does not go flying everywhere. This saves everyone time when cleaning and potential breathing problems.

Many times our experts will walk with the sander backwards to get some stubborn areas of the floor sanded. This is common technique and not considered unprofessional. This allows the sandpaper to really cut into the board and get at the stubborn varnish they could not get to earlier.

We will start by removing all the dirt on the floor with a coarse paper and then sand with a finer paper. After using the coarse paper, the floor will look pretty clean, but the work is not finished here. The coarse paper can eat into the floorboards and leave the floor surface really rough. Using finer paper afterwards gives the floor a really smooth and new look. Also, while using a drum sander, our workers will be mindful of the sand paper and change it regularly. The more often the sand paper is changed, the more effectively we will be able to sand the floor.

Experiment and change the look of your floor
After you have the floor sanded, you can experiment with colors and make your floor look as good as new. Giving it color is extremely easy as we have many color varnishes available. You have to varnish your floor anyway after sanding it, this way you also give it color at the same time. At Precision Hardwood Floors we always stain the floor before we varnish it as a standard part of the process. You can have it glossed up if you want, but avoid it if your floor is old as scratches and marks are less visible on non-shiny surfaces.

For more information about wood floor sanding in Rockland county,NY please call us today at 845-369-8814. One of our experts in wood floors will be happy to take your call.