Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Flooring is Hazardous to Health

Whether it is the flooring in your house or office building, floors that are in good condition can make a positively lasting impression. It makes all the difference to look at floors that are well taken care of. Nobody likes to look at old, stained flooring. Not only will old floors give a negative reputation and reflect poor maintenance, but it can also start affecting the cleanliness of the environment and the health of whoever is exposed to certain chemicals which are commonly found in older flooring. 

Asbestos and lead are amongst the many chemicals and toxins which could be produced by old flooring. Exposure to these toxic chemicals could lead to serious diseases and even death. Old wooden floors can also lead to splinters, wounds, and tripping hazards if not properly maintained or installed. Don’t risk the health of your family, friends, and workers. Repair your floors and get new floor installations with Precision Hardwood Flooring. 

Precision HardwoodFlooring services in NJ/NY specializes in professional wood floor repair, sanding, cleaning, finishing, and installations. We offer professional services in Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ.

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