Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wood Floors in Bergen County

Precision Hard Wood Flooring is your premium destination for all things related to wood floors in Bergen County, NJ. When your floors are run down, scratched up and dull, we can make them shine again with the following services: floor sanding, refinishing and repair.

Floor Sanding – sanding your wood floors in Bergen County NJ will guarantee that your floor will be looking and feeling smooth in no time. We use a high-tech dust containment system that will spare you the mess that most of us have come to expect with floor repairs. Our sanding equipment features special hoses and filters that capture the dust and store it away, before it has the chance to spill out all over your house.

Floor Refinishing - refinishing your floors will give them an updated, polished look. This floor service also makes your floor last longer because it seals up the moisture pockets in the wood and gets rid of all chemical stains and sunspots.

Floor Repairing – if your floors have split or cracked wood, buckling floors, or gaps in between the wood planks, you are in need of floor repair. Even if your floors do not have these signs but just look lackluster and are in need of a change, call Precision Hard Wood Flooring for an inspection and a consultation.

If you want your floors to look like new, call Precision Wood Flooring today at 201-818-4040 to learn more about our services for wood floors in Bergen County, NJ.