Thursday, January 19, 2017

Floor Repair in Rockland County, NY

Door bells, speakers, TVs, these are items in our homes that we enjoy hearing sounds from. A squeaky floor on the other hand is not something we like hearing because it indicates that the floor is damaged or sub par. Thankfully, there are solutions to this dilemma! Precision Hardwood Floors has been repairing floors for many years and our experts can repair your floor to eliminate the creaks and squeaks.
Floor Repair in Rockland County, NY
Here are some of the solutions we implement:

Sometimes floor creaks are caused by tiny spaces in between boards allowing movement so that when one moves, it grinds against the neighboring board creating a sound. This can be remedied by filling those spaces with a special wood adhesive. If there is no space between boards, then they can’t grind against each other, thus eliminating the squeaks. It’s a simple fix and will keep your floor nice and quiet for some time. We highly recommend using our services for your floor repair in Rockland county NY because we’ll do it efficiently, effectively and with as less of a mess as possible.

A more complex and permanent solution would involve getting access to the underside of the floor boards and adjust the joists. Though we are up to this seemingly daunting task, it not always possible to fix creaks this way in the event you don’t have underneath access.

At Precision Hardwood Floors we have been handling floor repair in Rockland county NY for a long time. Our experts are professionally trained and certified to install, repair, and restore floors so they can enhance your home and living experience. To learn more about our services call us today at 845-369-8814, we will be happy to help you. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Wood Floor Designs in Rockland County, NY

Choosing the type of wood floor design that fits your space is important when installing a new floor. Don’t confuse the floor designs with wood variety, these are two different sections of wood flooring. Before you make a decision, we at Precision Wood Floors would like to discuss types of wood flooring designs in Rockland county NY.

Solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring comes in three main types. Each type is both available in pre-finished and unfinished versions. Pre-finished wood is sanded and finished at the manufacturing facility so it is ready to be installed. The unfinished wood flooring type must be sanded and finished on the site after installation. The three main types of solid floor include:
Wood Floor Designs in Rockland County, NY
  • Strip flooring: this type of flooring is dominated by the width and the thickness of the wood planks. It has a set width, but the thickness varies.
  • Plank flooring: unlike the stripe flooring, plank flooring varies in width and only comes in two thicknesses.  It is available in ½ inch or ¾ inch in thickness and a range of widths.
  • Parquet flooring: parquet floors have a very different look from the typical wood floor. They are made up of different geometric patterns composed of individual wood slats held together by an adhesive or mechanical fastening.
Engineered wood Flooring
This type of flooring should not be confused with laminate wood flooring. Engineered are made by adhering plastic layers of laminate veneer with real wood. The main difference between laminate and engineered wood flooring is that the laminate flooring doesn’t contain any wood.

Acrylic impregnated wood flooring
Acrylic impregnated wood flooring style is infused with color and sealant throughout the thickness of the wood so that the normal surface finish air consistent throughout the wood. This type is commonly used in commercial projects, not residential projects. An acrylic-impregnated floor is actually highly resistant to moisture and scratches.

It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between solid wood flooring and other types and designs. These are the most common flooring options, although people have started to prefer engineered floor because of their low-cost option. There are several things to think of when choosing an appropriate type of wood flooring for your space. Most of these types can be designed differently and they can also be re-sanded and refinished. A well maintained a wood floor can retain its value for many years to come. 

For more information about types of wood flooring, and advice on which wood floor designs in Rockland county NY is right for you please call us at 845-369-8814.