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Flooring Contractors in Rockland County, NJ

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Signs you need to call a flooring contractor

There is a responsibility that you have as a homeowner to ensure that your floors are properly taken care of. From cleaning them to maintaining and ensuring that they’re used the right way, you have some tasks cut out for you as you enjoy your hardwood floors.

However, there are some signs that will show you when you need some additional help from the pros:

Water issues

Once you get hardwood floors, you should know that the biggest threat is water. Make sure you constantly check for water damage, because if this happens, your floors will become severely deformed and you’ll need to call a flooring contractor.

To carry out a simple test, pour a tablespoon of water on the floor. If the water sinks into the wood, then you will at least need a refinishing. The faster the sink, the worse the problem is, and the more urgent you need to treat it.

Extensive Staining

Stains are pretty much a part of domestic life. Kids, pets, and even adults tend to stain floors from time to time, and there’s a significant chance that you just won’t be able to prevent this from happening.

However, there comes a point when you just have too many stains and your hardwood floor begins to lose its aesthetic appeal. Also, if you plan to put your home on the market, you know that you will need to touch up on the floor to increase the value of your home.

You could try washing the floors with a cleaning agent, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to call a flooring contractor to help you get a more lasting solution.

Sun Discoloration

As homeowners, we all like to have a lot of light in our houses. During the day, you open the windows to let the light in and illuminate everywhere.

However, you also want to be a bit careful, because excessive exposure to sunlight could cause your floors to fade in color.

Sun damage leaves your floors looking washed out. Although you could throw in some stain to help things, this isn’t particularly a great quality fix for the long term. So, you might need a refinishing.

Worn or Splintering Areas

If your hardwood floors are beginning to get splinters, this is because of excessive use. Sadly, hardwood floors tend to show this a lot when it happens. A replacement is a great fix for the long term, but you could also get a quality refinishing service as well.

This is one of those issues where you will need to act fast; if you allow the problem to keep going, the splinters could cause injuries. If you have pets or children, you know that this is an undesirable outcome.

Hardwood floors also tend to make space for water when splintering starts. This can cause some significant issues, including but not limited to the appearance of mold.

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