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Wood Floor Refinishing in Rockland County, NY

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The 4 biggest hardwood floor issues you could have

Owning a hardwood floor isn’t as bad as may people say, but you do need to do some maintenance. Here are some important issues you should keep an eye out for:

Water Damage

In the world of ways to damage a hardwood floor, there is most likely nothing as bad as water damage. If you ever see standing water on your hardwood floor or you get a leak that’s disturbing it, then you’ll need to dry the water out as soon as you possibly can. 

However, if you didn’t see the damage itself, then you might need to look more closely into the damage to understand it. There are cases where the wood could be warped or buckled; in these cases, then a replacement will be the best choice. However, if you just have staining, then a simple wood floor refinishing will be the best for you 

Regardless of what it is, you will have to immediately fix the source of the water damage. Or else, you’ll just be fixing the doors time and again. 

Significant Scratches

Here’s no way you can escape your hardwood floor getting scratches. However, there are some signs that will show you it’s time to get a refinishing. 
While a simple cosmetic problem might not be so much of an issue, you need to act quickly if you find that the scratches are deep enough to affect the wood itself. The purpose of a stain is to protect the wood from water. However, if the scratch is able to get to the wood, then even small amounts of water can get through to the precious wood and completely damage it. 
A lot of homeowners tend to believe that they can just restain areas that have been scratched, but this will cause some obvious aesthetic changes. 

Large Chips

Scratches are one thing, but it’s another thing entirely to have a hole or a gouge. Regardless of what causes these, you have to address them quickly as well. 
A deep chip in your hardwood floor will allow the water to touch the surrounding wood. It could also hurt people as well. When it comes to this, you will need to replace the damaged wood pieces. However, if your floors are years old, you might not get a good match between the leftover wood and the wood around the damage. 
A perfect opportunity for a wood floor refinishing. 

Grey Discoloration

Wood turning grey can easily be seen as a sign of aging. Sadly, it’s not; it’s a sign that your floors are getting damaged, and that you need to get a refinishing fast. 
As the floor gets used more, the polyurethane protection wears off. This makes it possible for water to get into the wood, and as we all know, even the smallest amounts can cause some serious damage.
To put it simply, you could get some serious problems if you don’t fix this issue. Get a refinishing as soon as you can.

Refinishing your floor will make the most of your investment and brighten up your home. For more information about Wood Floor Refinishing in Rockland County, NY, give us a call at: 845-369-8814.

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