Friday, February 14, 2020

Wood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for Wood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ? Precision Hardwood Flooring has been providing Wood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ for many years with precision and great customer care. When it is time to resurface your wood floors, Precision Hardwood Flooring is a great choice for wood floor refinishing in Bergen County, NJ.

How long does a hardwood floor refinishing last?

Perhaps the most important consideration as far as this is concerned is the type of polyurethane that you make use of. You could either use water-based polyurethane or oil-based polyurethane. The entire point is that oil-based polyurethane lasts longer. However, it also takes longer to apply, even though it could be less expensive as well.

Oil-based polyurethane

Generally, you could get a proper hardwood floor refinishing with an oil-based polyurethane done within 3 to 5 days, although this will also depend on whether there’s a stain involved and how dark the stain is.

A lot of the time, if you’re going without stain and with about 3 coats of polyurethane, you should be done in a matter of 4 days. This is because polyurethane needs a bit of time to get dry.

However, you should also keep in mind that the general timeline could also differ based on. Wide array of factors. Some of these factors include the weather (a more humid weather will increase the time required for the entire mold to dry), the type of wood your floor is made of (if you have maple and pine, then things will also take longer, and you might need a conditioner to dry things as well)

Water-based polyurethane

When it comes to water-based polyurethane, perhaps the most significant benefit that you stand to gain from using it is the fact that it fries faster. So, if you want to get through the entire refinishing process faster, you could opt for it instead.

Using water-based polyurethane makes you finish the refinishing process in about 2 days, although you might want to wait for 3 or 4 to ensure that the floor gets dried effectively.

When the floor has been refinished

After the entire refinishing process has been completed, you will also need to give some time to allow the floor to dry. Usually, the rule of thumb is that you wait for a full day before you can walk on the floor or set your furniture down there. Between your first and second day, you might also want to refrain from stepping on the floor with your bare feet. The point here is that you should allow enough time for the floor to dry out. Due to most of these intricacies, a lot of people generally prefer to conduct the floor refinishing process before they move in. If they already moved and would like to conduct a floor refinishing, then they could wait until a point when they all travel and won’t be coming back until the entire project is done. 

If you can gain a proper understanding of this, you will be able to effectively plan for it. 

Refinishing your floor will make the most of your investment and brighten up your home. For more information about Wood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ, give us a call at: 201-818-4040.

Precision Hardwood Flooring - Your trusted provider for Wood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ.

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