Friday, March 13, 2020

Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County, NY

Are you looking for Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County, NY? Precision Hardwood Flooring has been providing Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County, NY for many years with precision and great customer care.

Dustless Wood Floor Sanding: Why And How To Do It?

Wooden flooring offers a classic and vintage look to your home. If you can manage to keep it in a good condition, then it can work for years with no need for repairs or replacement. However, if you have got kids and heavy furniture at home, then keeping your flooring stain and scratch-free can become a challenge. And this why floor sanding becomes important.

But floor sanding in itself is not an easy job, what with all that dust and decreased air quality. Thus, over the years new tech has been developed in order to offer dustless wood floor sanding. Amazing isn’t it? Want to know more about it, then read further to quench your thirst!

What is dustless sanding?

Sanding becomes a difficult job if you have kids around because of the poor air quality it creates. However, with dustless sanding, this problem can be solved. This is because the dustless floor sanding creates less dust as compared to the standard sanding process. With the right equipment in place, this process would lead to 99% less dust than what otherwise would have been released into the air.

What are its advantages?

Now, dustless sanding is beneficial for people who are asthma patients or who have dust sensitivities. With less dust, vulnerable age groups like children and old aged people will also experience some relief.

Also, dustless sanding is useful for occasions when you are sanding the flooring in a hospital or at a rehabilitation facility. This way the patients will be safe from poor air quality.

Moreover, with dustless sanding, many hardwood floor finish problems that are caused by dust get solved. And of course, less dust also means less time cleaning up, for the space owner.

What equipment is recommended?

To create dustless wood floor sanding experience there are many systems in place, like the complete dust control systems or the sanders with self-contained dust control. You can choose anyone according to your budget and likeness. However, if you ask for our recommendation, then we have three choices. These include-

  • Oneida dust deputy
  • Lagler trio
  • American sanders RS 16 DC Buffer

  • So, this is how and why dustless wood floor sanding is done. In case, you have any more questions regarding it, then feel free to leave us your queries. We will get back to you at the earliest!

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