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Wood Floor Installation in Bergen County, NJ

Wood Floor Installers

Dealing with furniture while installing new hardwood floors

When it comes time to get new flooring installed, there is a lot to consider. Furniture is definitely not last on that priority rundown.
A lot of hardwood floor installers will tell you that you need to take your belongings and furniture out of the way before you have any new flooring fixed into the house. However, what you want to do with the furniture itself will depend on a few factors. To get a proper strategy, some questions will need to be asked:

What is the size of the flooring project?

Are you planning to get new flooring in a single room, or is the project going to cover the entirety of the house? It is one thing if you simply need to shift some kitchen utensils and chairs into another room. However, if you have to move every piece of furniture in your home, that is a whole different thing.

What is the time frame?

Hardwood floor installers usually take varying duration to get jobs done, so you need to consider this as well. If you are running on a tight schedule and you will need move the furniture out quickly, things might change.

What is the size of your home?

If you have some spare rooms and perhaps even a garage, then you could have some ample space to easily put the furniture in. The reverse is the case if you live in, say, a studio apartment.

Do you have a moving budget?

When it comes to moving furniture, you will find that a lot of work needs to be done. Some hardwood floor installers might help out, but if you can afford to pay a furniture moving service, then it would be better for everyone involved.
Again, keep in mind that some hardwood floor installers actually offer furniture moving as a side service. In the event that you need this, you could ask a prospective company if they offer the service as well.
Now that you have these questions answered, here are some strategies that can help you deal with moving furniture while hardwood floor installers do their magic

Musical chairs

Essentially, it involves moving furniture from a room to another while the floor is being installed. The work is strenuous, especially if you are putting floors in multiple rooms. However, it doesn’t cost anything, so you can consider it.

Shed storage

You can only consider this option if you actually have some outdoor storage space. A garage or shed can be a great way to temporarily store your furniture, but you will need to ensure that it is waterproof, so you can deal with unexpected rain.

Short term storage

You could also rent out a storage unit to keep your furniture. It costs more, but it definitely takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. Rented storage has the advantage of being safe, and you also get a lot of convenience and peace of mind. You could also hire someone to help you move.
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