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Hardwood Floor Sanding In Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ? Precision Hardwood Flooring has been providing Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ for many years with attention to details and great customer care.

Hardwood floors have constantly been a favorite amongst people. The smooth finish and the classy look that this flooring offers to your house are unmatched. It is like you have stepped into an episode of some 1900s TV show. And on top of the stylized look, add to the mix the long life that this kind of flooring offers, I mean it is known to last a lifetime! And the best part, you can renew the hardwood flooring as it ages in case it gets scratched and dull to make it appear new!

Wanna know how it can be done? By hardwood floor sanding. Come let’s discuss this in a little more detail.

What is hardwood floor sanding?

Now hardwood floor sanding in easy and simple terms can be understood to mean the process of removing the top surface of the wooden floor by sanding it with abrasive materials. Doing this can add years to the life of your hardwood flooring as sanding aids you in getting rid of the stubborn and unsightly stains and also helps in dealing with the normal wear and tear.

Now a normal hardwood floor can undergo 10 to 12 times of complete sanding during its lifetime. So even if you choose to constantly re-sand your floor in say every 5 years, you still get 60 years of life! Amazing, isn’t it?

Advantages of sanding the hardwood floor?

Here are some reasons as to why you should encourage hardwood floor sanding-

  • Beauty

  • Sanding can make even the oldest and grittiest of the floors appear new and fresh. It adds shine and luster to your floor and removes stains and marks. And when your floor appears new, automatically your whole place starts appearing beautiful and fresh.

  • Strength

  • Sanding evens out the floor so it’s level. Moreover, it also closes any open spaces between planks of woods and removes wood splits. This increases the durability of the floor and makes it more strong.

  • Safety
  • Sanding ensures that the floor is all smooth and it reduces the likelihood of it cracking and developing sprints. This reduces any chances of injury in the case when you are walking barefoot on the floor.


  • Pest control

  • If your hardwood floor is well-sanded it will eliminate small crevices or holes where the pests like to breed. Hence, no worrying over pests and termites.

    So, these are some of the benefits of sanding hardwood floors. So if you also want to re-sand your floor then contact us at the earliest and we will happy to assist you!

    For more information about Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ, give us a call at: 201-818-4040.

    Precision Hardwood Flooring - Your trusted provider for Wood Floor Sanding in Bergen County, NJ.

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