Monday, February 18, 2019

Hardwood Floor Installation in the Rockland County, NY

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Are you looking for hardwood floor installation in the Rockland County, NY? Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC has been providing hardwood floor installation in the Rockland County,NY community for many years by providing affordable and quality hardwood installation services. 

Wood floors have unmatched natural beauty that go with any decor from country and traditional to modern. Once you've decided you want to install wood flooring, the next step is to figure out how you would do that. 

Mostly people find it tough job to master the learning curve vital to put down the best hardwood floor. It is good to hire a professional with the specialized tools and knowledge to make this project fit together seamlessly.

How our Hardwood floor professional Work
The size estimation is the first step in order to install hardwood. After you contact a professional installer, an estimator will measure your floors with a rolling wheel-type measuring device and a long tape measure. With these tools, the estimator will produce a square-foot measurement.

The second step is about the budget. The size estimator may crunch the numbers to come up with a price estimate at the spot. Or the estimator may take the figures back to the shop, and you will receive a call later.

The delivery of the flooring and acclimation comes to third step, it should be happened at least two days before the installers arrive. Acclimation depicts the wood needs to reach an equilibrium, or a moisture balance, with the home. Dry climates require longer acclimation periods. The humidity levels should stay between 30 percent and 50 percent while the inside of the home should stay at a steady 60 F to 80 F before and during installation.

We will install new hardwood and luxury vinyl floors in your home. We can provide hardwood, engineered, laminate, or bamboo floors from industry leading suppliers.

Restoration & refinishing
Restoring and refinishing existing hardwood floors gives new look. Usually refinishing job takes about five days to finish. We can restore old and neglected floors or refinish floors in a new color or finish as well as we can help you select the best polyurethane.

We can repair almost any damage including, but not limited to, water damage, scratches, and floor dents or buckling.

We like to hear from the community and are always willing to work with our customers to provide them with what they want. If you would like to learn more about our Rockland County, NY hardwood floor installation services and want to receive a free quote, call Precision Hardwood Floors LLC today at 845-369-8814.

Precision Hardwood Floors - Your trusted source for hardwood floor installation in the Rockland County, NY.

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