Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ways to Solve Your Hardwood Flooring Problems

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Hardwood floors are a beautiful and durable addition to any space, but over time, with wear and tear, they can become worn down and in need of repairs.

To help solve your problems with hardwood floors, count on our wood floor contractors in Old Tappan for some advice:

There are many things that can create problems for hardwood floors, including water or flood damage, animals, or failing to protect the wood. Depending on the damages, a new floor installation is not always necessary. Sometimes all it takes are some repairs to get the job done.

Services such as sanding and refinishing can improve the appearance of hardwood floors and can increase the longevity of the floors in any environment, but what do these processes entail?


When you have your hardwood floors sanded, a layer is removed from the top of your floor to ensure the process is successful. Sanding floors is most often done when floors start to become worn out and start losing their aesthetic appeal. Sanding will rejuvenate your floors by making them smooth and shiny again. The sanding process is often followed up with a refinishing process.


Any scratches or other marks can be fixed by having your floors refinished. Your floors will look the same way they did when they were first installed after contractors complete the refinishing process. Refinishing services remove moisture pockets within the wood, which helps hardwood floors to last even longer. All marks and stains can also be removed with refinishing.

These solutions can help solve problems with your hardwood floors, making them look brand new again. In addition to these services, professionals such as our Old Tappan wood floor contractors can install or replace hardwood floors completely. For more information, contact Precision Hardwood Flooring today.

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