Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County NY

Hardwood floors have a strong reputation for luxury and beauty. Depending on the type of wood your floor is made out of and how it is finished, your floor can make an immediate impression for every visitor to you home be it an invited guest or a potential buyer. In addition to their beauty, hardwood floors are easy to clean and hypoallergenic, making owning a hardwood floor a healthy choice for many families.

However, while there are many reasons to love your hardwood floor, it occasionally needs some love in return. For your floor to look its best, you will occasionally need wood floor sanding in Rockland County, NY. 

Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County, NY

Precision Hardwood Flooring has many years of experience restoring the beauty of hardwood floors in Rockland County NY. Our careful method of sanding removes a minimum of your floor's surface, ensuring that your floor is not only renewed visually, but will remain healthy and viable for years to come. Our state-of-the-art dust containment system also eliminates the extensive cleanup often associated with wood floor sanding and finishing. This also prevents you from breathing in loose wood particles in the air, reduces unwanted scents and messes.

After your wood floor sanding in Rockland County, NY, you floor will have a fresh look that will enhance the natural atmosphere of the room, improving the way light envelopes your room and raising the value of your home.

To learn more about wood floor sanding in Rockland County, NY, call Precision Hardwood Flooring at (845) 369-8814.

Precision Hardwood Flooring - Your trusted source for wood floor sanding in Rockland County, NY

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hardwood Floor Repair in Rockland County NY

Many homeowners take pride in their hardwood flooring because it is not only a costly investment for the home, but it also helps tie the entire decor of a space together. Although adding hardwood flooring is a spectacular way to elevate your interior to make it more refined and charming, the maintenance of hardwood flooring can be challenging, time-consuming and complicated. Like many structures in the house, through the years it endores "wear and tear."

Hardwood Floor Repair in Rockland County NY
To keep hardwood floors looking new, many people opt to hire a professional hardwood flooring company for their hardwood floor repair in Rockland County, NY. Since repairing hardwood is quite a task, our team at Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC, will be there to give your hardwood floors the prompt repairs needed. 

At Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC, we understand what goes into repairing your floors. We have performed many hardwood floor repairs to a wide array of residents in Rockland County, NY for years. Apart from repairing your floor, our techniques and equipment used will help restore your floor's appearance with a smooth, gorgeous finish.

Our professionals at Precision Hardwood Flooring perform common hardwood floor repair in Rockland County NY including:

  • Split Wood Floor Repair
  • Cracked Wood Floor Repair
  • Buckling Floor Repair
  • Cupped Floor Repair
  • Gaps in the planks Repair

Hardwood floors are a beautiful feature of any home. We are committed to making sure your floor looks as new as they day they were initially installed. Our services aren't just limited to hardwood floor repairs, we also perform sanding, refinishing, installation and more. Our skilled professionals invest a significant amount time to get your hardwood floor looking scrapped and damaged free. 

If you notice your hardwood floors looking scuffed and discolored, come talk to one of our professionals today!

To request an appointment for a hardwood floor repair in Rockland County NY, contact Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC at (845)-369-8814.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wood Floor Refinishing Bergen County, NJ

Wood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ brеаthеѕ nеw life іntо оld, dull hardwood flооrѕ. Oftеn, оldеr hоmеѕ have gоrgеоuѕ hаrdwооd floors wаіtіng tо bе discovered underneath the оld, tattered саrреt. If you discover thіѕ hіddеn gеm іn your hоmе, соnѕіdеr gіvіng those flооrѕ a new life with the right fix.

Nаturаl hаrdwооd is реrhарѕ thе most рrасtісаl оf аll flooring materials. But, оf соurѕе as with mоѕt thіngѕ, оvеr a реrіоd of time, the рrоtесtіvе fіnіѕh mіght ѕtаrt to wear оff, especially іn hіgh-trаffіс areas. This wоuld bе the реrfесt time tо thіnk about rеfіnіѕhіng уоur wood flооrіng. Sometimes аррlуіng a new fіnіѕh саn асtuаllу mаkе hаrdwооd flооrѕ much easier tо mаіntаіn than when they wеrе fіrѕt іnѕtаllеd.

If уоu hаvе a wooden flооr that has bееn covered іn саrреt fоr years, it wоuld be a good tіmе to request an estimate for wood floor refinishing in Bergen County NJ and frеѕhеn uр thе wооd, thаt has mоrе thаn lіkеlу dullеd frоm being hіddеn fоr a long tіmе. It is not аn easy jоb tо tасklе thе rеfіnіѕhіng оf a hаrdwооd flооr, аnd аnуоnе whо'ѕ trіеd іt саn tеll уоu thаt іt саn bе very mеѕѕу indeed.  Thеrеfоrе it іѕ  rесоmmеndеd that hаrdwооd flооrіng specialists bе brought іn tо dо thе jоb. Thеу hаvе the knоwlеdgе and еxреrіеnсе, аѕ wеll аѕ аll the рrореr equipment, to give уоur flооrѕ a tор quality finish. Uѕіng power ѕаndеrѕ tо remove аll the old existing finish, аnd preparing thе wood tо ассерt thе nеw ѕtаіn.

Thеrе іѕ a ѕіmрlе tеѕt уоu саn trу tо dеtеrmіnе іf уоur flооrіng'ѕ fіnіѕh іѕ in bad shape, оr іf іt'ѕ ѕіmрlу dіrtу. Gо tо a рlасе оn уоur wood floor whісh is a hіgh traffic аrеа, whеrе thе wеаr and tеаr are аt an optimal level and tаkеѕ thе mоѕt abuse.

Pour a tablespoon of water оntо thе floor 

- If thе wаtеr forms bеаdѕ, thеn thе flооr іѕ properly ѕеаlеd ѕtіll. Yоu should only nееd tо clean аnd perhaps uѕе a ѕtаіn rеmоvеr. 
- If the water tаkеѕ a fеw mіnutеѕ tо ѕеер іntо thе flооr, аnd only darkens ѕlіghtlу, thеn thе fіnіѕh is рrоbаblу only раrtіаllу wоrn оff. 
If thе water ѕоаkѕ ѕtrаіght іntо your flооr аnd leaves a dаrk stain оn the wооd, іt'ѕ certainly time tо rеfіnіѕh. 

Thеrе are mаnу dіffеrеnt ѕtаіn shades аvаіlаblе. Plеаѕе remember that what looks rіght in a book оr on рrіntеd рареr mоѕt рrоbаblу lооks dіffеrеnt on a rеаl surface. Alѕо, dіffеrеnt ѕресіеѕ оf wооd can lооk ԛuіtе different even if thе ѕаmе соlоr оf ѕtаіn is аррlіеd.

The ѕtаіn wіll lооk dіffеrеnt оn refinished flooring thаn оn newly іnѕtаllеd wood, but рrореr ѕаndіng with thе rіght еԛuірmеnt wіll hеlр it accept thе stain better. You ѕhоuld аlwауѕ tеѕt several colors оn a ѕаmрlе оf the ѕаmе type of wood as that of flооr ѕо you hаvе a much bеttеr idea оf hоw thе fіnіѕh wіll look when applied. 

Hаrdwооd flооrіng comes іn many vаrіоuѕ ѕhаdеѕ and соlоrѕ. Sоmе of thе more popular ѕtаіnѕ іnсludе natural lооkѕ lіkе bаrе wood. Lіght is a vеrу рорulаr stain bесаuѕе іt darkens the grain аnd thе wооd wіll hаvе a subtle tоnе tо іt, оftеn hаvіng a ѕlіght tаn huе. Mеdіum is another рорulаr choice, giving thе wооd a dаrkеr mеdіum brоwn huе. Dark іѕ a muсh dаrkеr brоwn but hаѕ a wаrm, rісh fееl tо it. Yоu also have thе сhоісе of сuѕtоm соlоrіng your flооrѕ. Besides the light, mеdіum and dаrk huеѕ, ѕоmе реорlе go fоr соlоrѕ ѕuсh as a dеер grееn or brіght red ѕtаіn wіth fantastic results.

To request a wood floor refinishing in Bergen County NJ or to inquire about our other services at Precision Wood Flooring LLC, contact us at (845) 369-8814.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County NY

Many home and business owners should get a wood floor sanding for their hardwood floors. Wood floor sanding helps enhance the look of your room as well as make the floor maintenance easier. A well-sanded floor will complement any décor and make the interiors look lavish. A well-kept floor can summon more regard than one that is laminated or carpeted. Regardless of your type of wood floor, sanding will help bring out its beauty. Where can you get amazing and effective wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY?

Our expert staff at Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC. can give your hardwood floors the sanding service they require!

Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC. has provided exceptional wood floor sanding services for many satisfied clients in Rockland County NY. We know that when it comes to picking the right sander for your wood floor sanding project, you want a floor contractor that is experienced and can get the job done right.

Wood Floor Sanding in Rockland County NY
Our professional staff uses state-of-the-art dust-free technology during our sanding process. Our dustless system helps contain the dust remnants from your floor, so your furniture, walls and air aren't affected.

After our wood floor sanding is completed, we apply a protective coating on your hardwood floors to maintain its shine. Once the coat is applied, you should be cautious for a week to enable it to cure and become dry in order to avoid scratching it. You can walk around barefoot or with socks, however we suggest you should avoid moving furniture over it. Taking care for just a week will guarantee that the job done is well and your hardwood floors last you for a long period of time in peak condition.

Our dustless wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY offers many benefits including:

  • Smooth Appearance
  • Improved room lighting and atmosphere
  • Increased property value
  • Andmore...
Don't wait to get your hardwood floors the sanding treatment they need!

To request a wood floor sanding in Rockland County NY or to inquire about our other services at Precision Wood Flooring LLC, contact us at (845) 369-8814.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ

Natural hardwood floors are a common choice amongst homeowners.  They add tremendously to your home's visual appeal and value. However, over extensive periods of time, hardwood floors tend to have their protective finishes wear off, especially within high traffic areas throughout the home. If you notice your hardwood floors are looking dull or scratched up, you should consider getting a wood floor refinishing in Bergen County, NJ. Now where can you get quality wood refinishing service? Come talk to our wood experts at Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC.

Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC has provided a high quality wood floor refinishing in Bergen County, NJ for many clients. Our hardwood floor refinishing services includes sanding, finishing and repair. 
Wood Floor Refinishing in Bergen County, NJ

If you have hardwood floors that have been covered by carpet for years, and have decided have them removed, it would be a good time to refinish and freshen up the wood. It has more than likely dulled from being hidden for a long time. Refinishing hardwood floors is not any easy task to tackle for those that don't have the experience. Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC's professional staff can work on getting your hardwood floors looking fresh and new. We use power sanders to remove all the old existing finish, and prepare your hardwood for the new stain.

Wood floor refinishing in Bergen County, NJ can be a messy job, however our professional staff will contain all dust remnants so that your walls, carpets or furniture will not be affected. Our professional staff has the knowledge and experience, as well as the proper equipment to give your floors a top quality new finish. 

Don't wait too long to get a wood floor refinishing in Bergen County, NJ. Contact Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC at (845) 369-8814 today.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Free Wood Floor Estimate in Rockland County, NY

When deciding on new flooring, you would normally base your ideas on visual appeal, durability and your budget. If you are interested in installing hardwood floors within your home or business, but also would like these qualities, you should look at a free wood floor estimate in Rockland County, NY with Precision Hardwood Flooring, LLC.

There are several types of wood floors in the market for you to consider. While not every one of them may be suitable to your taste, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Getting a free wood floor estimate in Rockland County, NY with Precision Hardwood Flooring, LLC can help you make an informed decision about what kind of wood flooring you would like to install.

There are an abundance of factors to consider when making your hardwood flooring decision such as:

Wood Species

There are various types of wood species to choose from. If you want a more solid type of wood, you can look into species like Oak, Cherry or Maple. If there are other types of wood species you are contemplating, we can give you a free wood floor estimate in Rockland County, NY.


Free Wood Floor Estimate in Rockland County, NY
Some home and business owners tend to want either a natural color for their floors or they want a particular color or stain to give the room a more unique appeal. At Precision Hardwood Flooring, LLC. we offer paints, stains and finishes that you can choose to give your room a fresh new look and personality. 

Board Type and Width

There are two types of hardwood floor types for you to choose, namely engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. Solid hardwood is made from solid wooden logs and then joined using the traditional tongue and groove at both the short and long edges. It is available unfinished, pre-finished in planks and strips that range from a thickness of 5/16 “to about ¾.” The width of the planks is 3 inches to 8 inches wide while that of the strips is about 11/2” to about 21/4” wide. 

Engineered wood is made of several layers of composite material and plywood that are then topped up with hardwood. The thickness of this type of wood flooring range from "3/8 to ¾."  The solid wood put on top has a thickness between 0.6 millimeters to about 4 millimeters. 

Both floor types can offer you a beautiful flooring solution that enhances the room's atmosphere.

If you would like a free wood floor estimate in Rockland County, NY or you would like to know more about our services at Precision Hardwood Flooring, LLC. contact us at (845) 369-8814. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hardwood Floor Contractor

The quality of your hardwood floor installation depends on the type of the hardwood that you use and the workmanship in installing the floor. Quality workmanship can only be guaranteed by a reputable hardwood floor contractor.

Here are some basic tips to consider when hiring your hardwood floor contractor like Precision Hardwood Flooring:

1.      Know your budget

As with anything worth having, quality hardwood floors cost money. That includes both the cost of the materials and the cost of the labor to install it. Skimping on the quality of either could result in you getting substandard materials or substandard installation. Knowing your budget will allow to your choose a floor and a contractor that can get the job done at a price you can afford. At Precision Hardwood Flooring, we work hard to give you a quality hardwood floor installation at a fair price.

2.      Look at the contractor's references

Hardwood Floor Contractor
 A mark of quality workmanship is happy customers. While you expect one or two customers who You can see for yourself. 
were not happy with the service, the majority of the customers should give thumbs up to the service provided. Ask for three or four customers that the few contractors that you choose have served in the recent past. You can also read reviews online. We are proud of our google review ratings.

3.      Do it yourself isn't cheaper 

You may be tempted to install the hardwood floor yourself in the name of cutting costs. However, unless you are an experienced professional hardwood floor contractor, there is a significant chances that you will do substandard work and/or waste the materials. This can easily lead to cost overruns. Doing it yourself can also take an excruciatingly long amount of time to get the job done when a professional hardwood floor contractor is used to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Even worse, what if you can't finish the project at all? Hiring a professional hardwood floor contractor like Precision Hardwood Flooring is worth it as it saves you the time, money and frustration. 

To get a free estimate for a Hardwood Floor Contractor, call Precision Hardwood Flooring at (845) 369 8814.