Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Quality Wood Flooring Counts

Lumber Liquidators is coming under fire after the corporation has been named in a class action lawsuit. The suit alleges that some of the manufacturer's wood products contained excessive amounts of formaldehyde. The class action lawsuit “seeks in excess of five million in damages and injuncvtive relief on behalf of all purchasers of Lumber Liquidators Chinese-made flooring in Alabama, New York and Virginia. None of the plaintiffs are claiming that the excessive formaldehyde affected their health, but they claim they suffered economic harm in buying what is considered substandard flooring.
This is the unfortunate state of the wood flooring industry the current time. Due to the struggling economy many homeowners either had to cancel their home renovation projects, or find cheaper alternatives. Customers are demanding cheaper pricing, without regard to the quality of the materials used. In the long-run this is more detrimental and costly to homeowners. Many experts suggest researching a wood floor installation company with positive reviews and utilize top-quality material. Spending the money now on superior quality and expert installation will end up saving you more money.

Precision Hardwood Floors, is a woodfloor installer in Ramsey NJ, that only uses materials from manufacturers such as Bruce, Armstrong, Mannington, Mirage and Somerset.

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