Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hardwood Floor Installation in Rockland County, NY

Hardwood flooring is an important investment that you make in your home and you have to do it right the first time. There is a lot of moving of furniture and cleaning involved and it would be chaotic to go through it all over again. You maybe unsure as to how to select a trustworthy company for hardwood floor installation in Rockland county, NY. We at Precision Hardwood Flooring want you to feel comfortable with us so here are some reasons to go with us. 

Hardwood Floor Installation in Rockland County, NY 
You always consider a well-trained doctor when it comes to your health right? So why not do the same for your home? We have all the proper certifications and licences to work in our industry. You will be more at peace and satisfied knowing our contractors know how to do their job and won’t mess things up. If you need proof that we have up paper work in order, don't hesitate to ask, we'll be happy to show it to you.

Every member of our crew is fully insured, this is something a responsible company does as a standard as a preventative measure. In the event that there are injuries on the job, you do not have to pay for their medical bills. 

Wooden flooring is a job that takes time, after the estimator comes over you should have an idea about what is the estimated time of completion of the project. We take many things into account like the moving of the furniture, how long every step usually takes and how many people will be brought on for the job. As soon as we have all the calculations down, we can let you know how long it will take. After all, every job is different so we can't give you an accurate time frame based on little information. 

In our years we have always offered fair prices for our work. We aren't anything less than transparent when it comes to pricing, for everything we may charge you for, we make sure you know why. 

To learn more about our hardwood floor installation in Rockland county, NY, feel free to call us at Precision Hardwood Flooring at (845) 369 8814. One of our wood floor experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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