Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wood Floor Sanding in Stony Point, NY

Wood floor sanding in Stony Point NY is generally done as the beginning of an overall floor refinishing job. Precision Wood Floors offers years of experience and expert attention to detail to rejuvenate the look of your floor with sanding methods that remove scratches, dents, and scuffs. Our professional hardwood floor technicians use industry standard equipment to promptly enhance the aesthetic of your floor, leaving it shining and restored for years to come. Maybe the hardwood floor boards have worn out, taken damage, or discolored over time. You sand to restore the floor to an optimal condition. Sanding is also done to save costs of getting a new floor when you don’t like your present one, for whatever reason. However, the benefits of wood floor sanding in Stony Point NY are many, and we've compiled a few for you below.

Even the best of floor installations can leave something to be desired. On close inspection, you may notice dips and gaps in hard to access locations. It may seem inconsequential today, but these imperfections will become more easily noticed as each day passes. You can sand down the floor to perfection, and never have to worry about it again.

So you have pets. You love them, they’re a part of your family. But even domesticated animals, such as your dog and cat, can leave the traces of a wild beast along your floor. Maybe your pet’s nails dig deep into the floor and leave gashes and scratches you wish you didn’t have to see. Or maybe their drooling saliva or waste are leaving marks and stains you wish you could snap away. Don’t accept these blemishes as a natural pet-owner responsibility. With professional wood floor sanding in Stony Point NY, you can remove their marks. But you’ll still have to train your furry friends in the art of respecting the hardwood.

There’s other places where your floor can improve. Look closely, and we’re sure you’ll find gaps and blotches. These are an easy fix. As are footprints, water stains, furniture imprints, and more. We can even install a quality primer over your floor during the staining process to ensure these marks are a thing of the past. Our high quality wood floor sanding in Stony Point NY sands them away and keep them gone.

 Along with expert wood floor sanding in Stony Point NY, we provide these services:
Let us help you to sand your floor back to its primal state. From there, you’ll have all the freedom in the world to design it according to your taste.

For more information about wood floor sanding in Stony Point NY, call the professionals at Precision Wood Floors today at (845) 369-8814.

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