Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wood Floor Refinishing in Rockland County

Are you looking for wood floor refinishing in Rockland County? Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC is a professional flooring company that provides a variety of floor services in New York. Our flooring technicians are trained so that they use the latest refinishing techniques in order to correctly improve your floors. At Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC, we offer both oil-based and low odor, fast drying water-based finishes for an affordable price so that you can easily improve the aesthetic qualities of your home or office.

Whether your floors are in good condition and are just in need of light buffing and top coating, or if they are decades old and in need of specialized restoration, we can provide you with professional wood floor refinishing in Rockland County. At Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC, we make sure sanding particles do not escape to the rest of the house and negatively impact your health. You will not have to worry about quarantining rooms and covering everything you own with plastic; our professional floor technicians will contain particles and make sure your home is a clean and safe environment.

Aside from improving the beauty of your home or office, our services for wood floor refinishing in Rockland County also extend the life of your flooring because they recover damage brought on by moisture. Wood floor refinishing will get rid of the moisture pockets in the wood, which will make it last longer. We will also treat all scratches and marks as well as chemical stains and sun spots.

For more information on our services for wood floor refinishing in Rockland County, call Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC today at 845-369-8814.

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