Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bruce Hardwood Flooring in NY

Here at Precision Hardwood Flooring we carry Bruce Hardwood Flooring, one of the top selling brands of hardwood flooring in North America.

For over 100 years Bruce has been supplying their customers with high quality and efficient hardwood flooring. Plenty of designs and finishes are available to choose from. Bruce always uses high quality materials in their hardwood flooring in NY. Their emphasis is on the quality of their product, not the volume. With Bruce Hardwood Flooring in NY everything is about products and satisfied customers.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring in NY offers four different styles and designs to choose from:
Hand-scraped has a time worn appearance that goes with any finish.
Rustic gives you the look of aged and hand crafted wood flooring.
American Exotics is a domestic species of hardwood, which comes in a variety of colors.

Traditional Hardwood offers you the classic look of a hardwood floor and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Just by those four designs and styles you get a sense of the craftsmanship that goes into Bruce Hardwood Flooring in NY. Precision Hardwood Flooring is proud to carry Bruce Hardwood Flooring in NY. We have a wide selection of Bruce hardwood flooring, sure to fit any room.

If you are interested in Bruce Hardwood Flooring in NY, call Precision Hardwood Flooring today at 845-369-8814

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