Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hardwood Floor Repair NY

Hardwood floors make every room look great. They give the room a natural beauty and create the feeling of warmth. Hardwood floors will last a lifetime with proper care. Your floors look great, and following these tips will ensure that they stay that way:

         Don't use common “all purpose” cleaners – Regular household cleaning products will cause permanent damage. You should only use products that are hardwood specific.
         Don't mop the floors – A wet rag to clean up spills is fine, but using a bucket and mop will cause the wood to warp.
         Vacuum instead of sweeping – A vacuum will pull the dirt from the crevices in the floors. Don't use a beater bar. This will cause major damage to your floors.
         Protect them from the sun – Installing sheer curtains in a room with hardwood floors will prevent the UV rays from discoloring the wood.

These tips will help you maintain your wood floors and their appearance. For more serious problems, it is important that you find professional hardwood floor repair in NY. The most common NY hardwood floor repair are boards that are split, cracked, buckling, cupped and gapped. Trying to repair any of these on your own may lead to serious unrepairable damage.
 It is important that you contact a professional company that specializes in hardwood floor repair in NY. Precision Hardwood Flooring is a staff of professional NY hardwood floor repair experts that ensure your floors look brand new.
If you would like to know more about our NY hardwood floor repair, or any of our other hardwood floor services in NY, call Precision Hardwood Flooring today and speak with one of our hardwood flooring experts.

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