Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Squeaky Floor Repair

Squeaky floors are one of life’s mildly infuriating noises that escalate quickly. Hardwood floors are wonderful, but squeaky floors are an unfortunate side effect over time. The flooring experts from Precision Hardwood Floors have compiled a list of ways that may remedy the pestering noise.
  •          Adhesive fills will work if the source of the squeaking is a gap between the hardwood floorboards and the joist below. Simply filling the space with wood adhesive will reduce the amount of movement between the floor boards and joist, and stop that squeak. Sometimes this is only a temporary fix, but it will alleviate the situation nonetheless.
  •          If you have access to the joists underneath it is possible to screw through the joist and into the floor board, tightening them. This is a more permanent solution, but still has a number of issues. This will only work if you have access to the floorboards from underneath. The second is knowing exactly which floor board is squeaking.

In some cases, it is hard to identify which floorboard is squeaking. That’s when you may need to call a company that specializes in squeaky floor repair. Precision Hardwood Floors licensed and insured company, that has years of experience providing squeaky floor repair service In Rockland County NY and Bergen County NJ. 

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