Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Westchester New York Wood Floor Tips

A wood floor is a beautiful investment that can improve your home value as well as provide you with a durable and functional surface that can be depended on. The experts at Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC have come out with a list of tips and hints that can extend the life of your beautiful wood floor in Westchester NY.
  • Scratches – a scratched wood floor is rough to walk on and ugly to look at. To fix this on your own you can go to a hardware store and get a wood finish that matches the tone and color of your floors, but if the blemish is large or deep a professional company should come perform a wood floor repair.
  • Cleaning – wood floors should be cleaned with a hand mop that swabs a mixture of water and wood floor cleaner. This routine should be done as needed but once a week is optimal to remove any stains and spots before they can set in the grain of the wood.
  • Vacuum – wood floors can be vacuumed, but a soft brush attachment is recommended to pick up the dirt without sliding on the floor itself.
  • Never wax a wood floor.

Armed with these tips, you can maintain your wood floor in a way that will enhance the natural beauty of the material without damaging the finish of the surface. If you want to know more about wood floors in Westchester, NY call Precision Hardwood Flooring LLC today at 1-845-369-8814.

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